Jamie Tracy is a photographer who lives and works in Florida. His work has been exhibited in the US and internationally and his work is in collections around the world. The photographs of Jamie Tracy are a hybrid of painting and photographic principles. The realism of photography collides with the non-representational formal elements of painting to create an image that requires sensitivity to both mediums.

Tracy’s work straddles the line of representational and conceptual art. The objects photographed exist in the tangible world but the subjects captured seem to exist for a specific moment presented to us with a visual dialogue typically reserved for Abstract Expressionism or Minimalism. The information we are given to decipher the subject is in the form of the title. The title of each image represents a unique memory, experience or location significant to Tracy’s life.

The more interesting aspects of Photography’s history are the moments of conflict in which it is affected by or affecting Painting. Photographic Portrait Studios battled to be the premier provider of portraits and replace Painting as the favored medium. Painting took a stylistic shift towards Abstraction as Photography was becoming a more popular means to capture the world around us. The historic battle between Photography and Painting concerning questions of representation and abstraction come to a peaceful resolution within the photographs of Jamie Tracy.